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What’s the Real Difference Between Natural Stone and Manufactured Stone? Learn from the Experts at Fraco!

DIY Kitchen Remodel Projects Start with Fraco Home in Marquette, Michigan
You DIY kitchen remodel starts at Fraco with Natural Stone or Manufactured Stone.

Marquette, MI  –  December 11th, 2015  –  Thinking about using stone inside or outside your home? For projects like fireplaces, patios, bathrooms, kitchens, and landscaping, Fraco has your back! But first, you have an important decision to make. Will you use Natural Stone? Or, will you use Manufactured Stone?

Here’ s the truth behind Natural Stone and Manufactured Stone from the experts at Fraco. Choose the right option for your home!

Natural Stone:

Fraco Home Natural Stone for Interior and Exterior Decorating
Add a unique, beautiful touch to your home with Natural Stone from Fraco.

Natural Stone is as it says… natural. It is actual rock. Fraco brings in natural stone from quarries all over the country. The beauty of this Natural Stone is always unique, as no two rocks are the same. You can be sure that if you use Natural Stone, nobody in the neighborhood, or the world for that matter, will have the same stone as you. Beat Sally from two doors down with your one of a kind look.

One issue with Natural Stone, according to Missy from Fraco, is that you can never guarantee that the sample they have in their showroom in Harvey and the stone you order will be exactly the same. Your stone may turn out darker or lighter. It’s natural!


Manufactured Stone:

Furnish Your House with a Natural Stone Fireplace from Fraco - Marquette, MI - 49855
Furnish your house with a Manufactured Stone fireplace from Fraco.

Manufactured Stone is a very slick looking impostor to Natural Stone. However, Manufactured Stone has an advantage as well. You can almost guarantee that the stone you see in the Fraco showroom in Harvey is just what your order will look like, because it is manufactured.

On other side, all of your neighbors, or everyone in town, might have the same stone veneer in their home. You may not be able to top Sally from two doors down with Manufactured Stone.


One thing is for sure, both Natural Stone and Manufactured Stone would go great inside or outside your home. Natural Stone and Manufactured Stone are very similar in price at Fraco. Now the choice is yours! If you are thinking of a home remodel, contact Fraco Concrete. Their expert staff is always there through the entire process, so you have the best advice available while upgrading your home.

Stop in to the Fraco showroom in Harvey and ask for Missy! You won’t be sorry. The experts at Fraco can help you choose the right material for your DIY project.

Here are some great ideas of how to incorporate Natural Stone and Manufactured Stone into your home.



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