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Missy at Fraco Makes ICF Building Stress-Free and Affordable

Missy with the Concrete Cocktail Table at The Fraco Showroom in Harvey
Call Missy at Fraco today to learn more about ICFs – 906-249-1476

Harvey, MIFebruary 5, 2016 – We’ve had a rather mild winter, which has made homeowners happy. There’s been enough snow to snowmobile, snowshoe, and cross-country ski, but it hasn’t been so heavy that one gets depressed. We’ve had more free time to think about building that new house or new camp. That’s where Fraco comes in. Insulated concrete forms are actually the amazing new way to build. Whether you want an insulated basement, insulated first floor, second floor or up to the roof, Fraco helps with ICFs.

The best part is that ICFs carry an R-24 factor, which means a tremendous insulation value in walls. And the sound is quiet and dense. If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of guy, it’s even better because if you played with Legos as a kid, you’re going to love stacking the ICFs, and the family is going to love how warm, quiet and cozy the house is.

Missy and her team of sales and construction pros are with you the whole way through, including help with bracing, on-site help, on-site tips, and a watchful eye, so your build this summer goes as stress-free as possible.

If you don’t want just a single, rectangular ranch, let’s do something spectacular with Fraco! Choose 45 degree walls, bumpouts – where you jet out from a straight wall, a trapezoid, or most any shape you can dream up… it can be accomplished with the easy-to-use insulated concrete forms from Fraco. Today’s construction with ICFs means you can go right to the roof with your strong, insulated, dense, quiet walls.

The money you’ll save by doing it yourself under Fraco’s

Call Missy at Fraco Concrete Products! (906) 249-1478
Call Missy at Fraco Concrete Products! (906) 249-1478

guidance, means you can probably even afford some backyard landscaping brick and block. Fraco has it all – make the call to 906-249-1476, or visit the showroom on Cherry Creek Road.

So, get your ideas together, sketch out a simple plan, and come see Missy at Fraco. She and the sales pros will sit down with you and your design to get the best building plan in the business going for you. Call Missy at 906-249-1476.


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