Get a new Silverado like this one at Frei Chevy

Get a new Silverado like this one at Frei Chevy

Marquette, MIJanuary 11, 2019 – The First Best Sale of the Year is on right now at Frei Chevrolet!  Yes, it is only January, but there are some amazing limited-time deals on new and pre-owned vehicles from Frei Chevy in Marquette.  The savings end next Saturday afternoon, so before it was too late, Major Discount headed down to the showroom to see the prices for himself.

While he was there, the Major ran into Frei Chevy owner Jim Grundstrom, who explained that the first big sale of 2019 is here and people have already been reaping the rewards.  The savings aren’t limited to new models, like some other sales; all the vehicles on the Frei Chevrolet lot are included!  Jim said that the only thing at Frei Chevy with four wheels that you can’t buy at a great price is their front-end loader, and that’s only because they need something to clear the snow!

If you have any questions or concerns about buying or leasing from Frei Chevrolet, call the Frei Hotline at 226-2577 and get your questions answered.  The best option, as always, is to go down to the Frei Chevrolet showroom and talk to one of the certified sales professionals.  They’re very friendly and courteous, and they’ll help you pick out a vehicle you’ll love at Frei Chevrolet.

Listen to audio from the live broadcast below:

Major Discount says hello from Frei Chevrolet

The Major is joined by Frei Chevy owner Jim Grundstrom

Jim tells you about the First Best Sale of the Year

Major Discount asks Jim about the pre-owned vehicles at Frei

Jim tells you how you can get a 2019 Chevy at a great price

The Major talks to Jim about trade opportunities at Frei Chevy

Jim gives the listeners details about a new low cab forward truck at a huge discount

It’s the First Best Sale of the Year at Frei Chevrolet

Jim goes over some of the certified pre-owned vehicles on the lot

The Major talks with Jim about all the great opportunities to save money at Frei Chevrolet

Jim goes over all the ways for you to save big on new and pre-owned vehicles

Major Discount Signs off from Frei Chevrolet

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