Peter ready to sell you a new Equinox

Peter ready to sell you a new Equinox

Marquette, MIMay 31, 2019 – The final Frei Friday in the month of May was a busy one at Frei Chevrolet, as people from all around the U.P. came to Marquette to take advantage of the expiring May deals.  Major Discount was unable to make his usual trip down to the showroom, but he sent Mark Evans in his place to sniff out the best opportunities to save money.

Mark spoke with several members of the Frei Chevrolet team over the course of the afternoon, not the least of whom was Jim Grundstrom, the owner of Frei Chevy.  Jim said that May has had some of the best deals of the year, and if you want to take advantage, there’s still time before they’re gone for good.

If you have any questions or concerns about buying or leasing from Frei Chevrolet, call the Frei Hotline at 226-2577.  The staff is very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable, and they’ll help you find the perfect vehicle for you and your family.

Listen to audio from the broadcast below:

Mark hits the air from Frei Chevrolet

Andy Grundstrom, the sales director at Frei, joins Mark

Andy talks about several 2018 Silverado Crew Cabs

Mark and Andy go over some of the pre-owned trucks available at Frei

Get a 2019 Tahoe or Suburban and drive your family around in style

The Memorial Day Sale will be over on Monday, so hurry in

Brandee, a sales pro at Frei, talks about the Tahoe with Mark

Mark talks with marketing director Jill about what “Shop While We Swap” means

Jim Grundstrom talks about docks from Frei Chevy

Mark and Jim tell listeners about the Frei Chevy service department

Jim tells Mark about a great deal on a new 2018 Silverado

Mark signs off from Frei Chevrolet

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