Frei Chevy has this shiny, almost-new Tahoe

Frei Chevy has this shiny, almost-new Tahoe

Marquette, MIJuly 5, 2019 – The Fourth of July weekend is here, and despite the fact that the actual holiday was the day before, Frei Chevrolet had some great Independence Day deals on new cars, trucks, and SUVs.  Major Discount was curious about the different savings, so he went down to the showroom to check out the celebratory pricing.

The Major spoke with a few people at Frei Chevy, including the owner, Jim Grundstrom.  Jim talked about all the new deals that GM has authorized for the month of July, and since it’s the Fourth of July weekend, there are a few extra incentives on offer.  If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle at a great price, stop on in to Frei Chevrolet in Marquette and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Listen to audio from the broadcast below:

Major Discount signs on from Frei Chevrolet

Jim Grundstrom joins the Major

Frei Chevy has a great selection of pre-owned vehicles

The Major tells listeners to come down and see the deals

Jim talks about some great pre-owned vehicles

Frei Chevrolet’s service department is the best around

Peter Anderson, a sales pro at Frei, joins the Major

Peter talks about the selection of pre-owned vehicles at Frei Chevy

The Fourth of July deals end on Monday

Trucks are available at an amazing price

Jim reminds the listeners that the Independence Day deals won’t last long

Major Discount wraps things up from Frei Chevrolet

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