Get this pristine Silverado from Frei Chevrolet

Get this pristine Silverado from Frei Chevrolet

Marquette, MIJuly 19, 2019 – July has been an amazing month for Frei Chevrolet!  With some of the best deals of the entire year, people have been buying vehicles left and right.  Even now, with a slightly reduced inventory as a result of all the sales, customers are flocking to Frei Chevy to get their hands on some incredible cars, trucks and SUVs at low prices.

As always, Major Discount made the short trip down to the showroom to seek out the best savings around.  He talked with Frei Chevy owner Jim Grundstrom, who said that even though there are temporarily fewer vehicles on the lot, the deals are as great as ever and they will be through the entire month.  The Major agreed, and said that now is the best time of the year to get yourself a vehicle from Frei Chevrolet.

Listen to audio from the broadcast below:

Major Discount says hello from Frei Chevrolet

Sales pro Peter Anderson talks with the Major

Peter talks about a few pre-owned vehicles at Frei Chevy

Major Discount asks Peter which deals are his favorite

Jim Grundstrom joins the Major

Major Discount asks Jim about GM Certified Used

Jim talks about the 2019 Silverado

Frei Chevy has a 2016 Dodge Charger for $13,400

Major Discount points out an Infiniti SUV for sale at Frei

Frei Chevy has the best service department around

Jim tells listeners that Frei Chevy sells docks in addition to vehicles

Major Discount wraps up the broadcast from Frei Chevrolet

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