Gwinn Area Community Schools and Northern Michigan University Announce Another Dual Enrollment Program

Gwinn, MIApril 26, 2016 – Officials from Gwinn Area Community Schools and Northern Michigan University signed paperwork this morning to roll out another Dual Enrollment Program for students.

Two local Gwinn school teachers will be teaching NMU classes at Gwinn High School next fall. Shannon Ruiz will facilitate English 111 and Darren Smith will teach MA 161 or Calculus. We spoke to Superintendent Tom Jayne…

LISTEN – Superintendent Tom Jayne Speaks on How Dual Enrollment will Benefit Gwinn’s Students

NMU officials were on hand in the Gwinn District first thing this morning as the Pledge of Allegiance was read. We heard from President Fritz Erickson…

LISTEN – NMU President Fritz Erickson Is Thrilled to Have This Deal With Gwinn Schools

Parents and students were also present this morning celebrating another NMU innovation. Karla Lauren, wife of current school board president Ron Lauren and an active member of the Gwinn Booster Club, attended the signing this morning. Three of the Lauren children are involved with NMU -one is a Gwinn graduate attending NMU full time, another is a senior taking a class at NMU, and the youngest is a junior who will take the NMU classes offered at Gwinn High School in the fall.

LISTEN – Karla Lauren Gives a Parent’s Perspective on the New Opportunities for Students

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