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Ellie Favorite (1) feature12/09/2014 Bark-River Harris, Michigan–  It was the third game of the season for our Gwinn Girls ModelTowner basketball and was it ever a good game. They played against the Bark-River Harris Broncos who proved to be quite the challenge. It did look like a close game for a while and in the third quarter it almost looked like our ModelTowners were going to have a rough time catching up but they played hard and scored their victory.  Both teams did a great job and played hard. Gordon Mielke brought you all of the in-game action on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and streamed LIVE and on your smartphone at

The first quarter of the game went back and forth until it looked like the Broncos were going to keep on scoring until our ModelTowners picked up the pace and tied 15-15 for the first quarter. Ellie Olson did a great job this quarter. Her name kept on popping up whenever Gwinn had scored so way to go! Both teams had four fouls this quarter. Gordy brought you first quarter action on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and streamed LIVE on your smartphone at

First Quarter Score:
ModelTowners: 15
Broncos: 15

In the second quarter our Gwinn ladies kept up with their two/three zone play that they feel very comfortable with and right away starting raking in the points.  Ellie Olson had an outstanding play in the beginning of this quarter and just took the ModelTowners to lead. Katelyn Fraiser of the Bronco team proved to be quite the competition when she had a really good looking shot and Gordy said that she’s pretty deadly downtown. The free throws for our Gwinn ladies just looked great as well. It helped that the ModelTowners also had less fouls for this quarter and were in the bonus. Our ModelTowners took the lead for this quarter. Gordon brought you all the action on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and

Second Quarter Score:
ModelTowners: 25

Third quarter brought in the pressure for Gwinn as the Broncos picked up their game and took the lead. Katie Shultz from the Broncos scored a three pointer that took the Broncos to lead the ModelTowners. Katelyn Fraiser of the Broncos also came to play tonight and just kept the girls on their toes with her great shots. Ellie Olson demonstrated her classic free throws that almost always make it in and helped the ModelTowners keep up with the Broncos. By the end of this quarter, our ModelTowners were trailing by four points. Gordon Mielke brought you all the in game action on Fox Sport Marquette and

Third Quarter Score:
ModelTowners: 33
Broncos: 37

Tiarra Taylor of our Gwinn ModelTowners had a great shot to start off the final quarter of this game from 18 feet. The Broncos still had the lead for most of this quarter, Gordy said that the turnovers were just killing us. Just under two minutes left in this game, our Gwinn ladies caught up with the Broncos and took the lead! The Broncos kept trying to throw over Tori Lauren who just would not let that ball get anywhere the Broncos wanted it. Ellie Olson did some great free throws and the ModelTowners took their lead. Tori Lauren had passed the ball to Jordan Hutchens after the Broncos tried to swoosh it over her again and Jordan made the shot bringing our score up again. Ellie Olson was able to get the last two shots of the game (free throws). Our Gwinn ModelTowners won 45-43!

Final Score:
ModelTowners: 45
Broncos: 43

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