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Another Great Gwinn ModelTowners Home Team Show is In the Books! 02/27/2016


Little Lake, MI – February 27th, 2016 Justin Beauchamp was live at the Throttle in Little Lake, MI for the second installment of the ModelTowners Home Team Show on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and 99.9FM! The hour was packed with exciting guests and interesting topics, and Justin found out a lot about the ModelTowners’ plans for the future!

Before Justin even had a chance to sit down with any of his guests, he was treated to an amazing lunch which consisted of several golden-brown chicken strips, fries, and the whole nine yards! It was a sight to behold, and it was all thanks to the Throttle Bar and Grill in Little Lake, MI!

Justin’s first interview was with the Gwinn head wrestling coach, Dustin Luoma, and they discussed the upcoming tournament and how his wrestlers can overcome their competition. The co-owner of the Throttle then sat down and chatted with Justin about the new look to the restaurant and all their great specials! Gwinn wrestlers Trevor Kirkpatrick-Bray, Ryan Johnson, Kevin Roberts, and Jayden Martinez talked with Justin about their season so far, and they also discussed what the future holds for each of them.

We then switched topics over to basketball, and Justin sat down with Coach Ben Olsen who is the ModelTowners’ girls varsity head coach and senior varsity player Nicole Usher to recap their season. Also, they talked about how the lady ModelTowners plan to prepare for the upcoming basketball tournament. The boys’ assistant varsity head coach Mike Forgette and varsity player Austin Forbes wrapped-up the show today, and they chatted about how the boys’ chances look going into the post season!

A special thanks goes out to all the amazing sponsors of the ModelTowners Home Team Show! Thanks to the Throttle in Little Lake for hosting the show and providing a great lunch and an amazing venue! Thanks to Goodwins Auto of Skandia! They’re your place for first-class auto service! Honor Credit Union, with locations in Gwinn, Negaunee, and Marquette! Stop in today for FREE checking! Bergdahls Equipment in Skandia is a great sponsor of the show, and they can fix just about any type of equipment, big or small! Also, thanks to Wally at Southside Automotive! Located just three miles South of Harvey, Wally and the gang can get your car running like new again! See the fine folks at the Gwinn/Sawyer Veterinary Clinic, where they care for your pets just as you would! Ace Hardware in Gwinn is your one-stop shop for housing/building material, hardware, paint, and so much more! We’d also like to thank Larry’s Family Foods in Gwinn! See them for the freshest produce, finest meats, and anything else on your shopping list!

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Listen – Justin Beauchamp live from the Throttle in Little Lake, MI for the second installment of the Gwinn ModelTowners Home Team Show!


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