Gwinn Schools Superintendent Tom Jayne on the ModelTowners Home Team Show
Gwinn Schools Superintendent Tom Jayne on the ModelTowners Home Team Show

Little Lake, MIMay 4th, 2016 – Mike Plourde welcomed a special guest Tom Jayne on the ModelTowners Home Team Show today, live from the Throttle Bar and Grill in Little Lake, MI. Tom is the superintendent of the Gwinn School District, and he was on the show today to talk about how he plans to bring improvements to Gwinn.

Before Mike and Tom even sat down for the show, the wonderful staff at the Throttle served them their famous “cod dippers” basket! It had several golden-brown strips of fried cod, potato wedges, and it even came with the coleslaw that Mike loves so much!

The Throttle's famous "cod dippers" basket
The Throttle’s famous “cod dippers” basket

The first topic on today’s docket was the discussion of some necessary improvements to the elementary school at the K.I. Sawyer Base. Last year, Tom joined us on 103-FXD for the Sawyer Elementary School Work Bee, and that event went a long way to sprucing-up the aging school. However, the school is once again in need of major repairs.

Tom also talked with Mike about his little league coaching experience and how that influences his decisions as the Gwinn area schools Superintendent.

As the Gwinn School District grows, more and more students are going out for sports, and Tom discussed how his school district plans to accommodate the influx of new students into the local sports scene.

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