Jilbert Dairy Supports Superior Central’s Science Olympiad Team With Ice Cream!

Eben Jct.February 2nd, 2013 – Superior Central High School is known for its topnotch Science Olympiad Team and Jilbert Dairy knows that.

Jilber Dairy helping the local community
Superior Central’s Science Olympiad Team



Every year the Science Olympiad team goes to Regionals at Northern Michigan University and State Finals at Michigan State University. To raise money for the trip the coaches and students hosted an open house and featured Jilbert Dairy ice cream!






For a donation of $5 you could eat as much ice cream as you could fit in your tummy! Since Jilbert Dairy donated all the ice cream, the Science Olympiad team received 100% of the proceeds.

The kids loved Jilbert Dairy ice cream!
The kids loved Jilbert Dairy’s ice cream!



Not only did everyone enjoy all flavors of ice cream with whipped cream, sprinkles, M&M’s, chocolate syrup, carmel syrup, butterscotch chips, nuts, cherries, Reese’s Pieces and more, but they also enjoyed some very complicated, very impressive science projects the students made with the help of their coaches.

One of the many amazing science projects!
One of the many amazing science projects!







Thank you Jilbert Dairy for the ice cream, for supporting Superior Central’s Science Olympiad Team and for supporting your local community!


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