Mikes Rolling Thunder Ishpeming Harley Classic 2001 Teal Color 04
The owner of this bike will enjoy Mike’s Stage 2 Big Bore kit.

Ishpeming, Michigan  –  April 29, 2015  –  This is a worn out Harley that was brought to Mike’s Rolling Thunder in Ishpeming. The owner liked it so much, he just drove it and drove it and drove it. It has about about 34,000 miles on it.

What happens a lot of times on all gas engines, is when the bike sits over winter and there’s little to no oil on the pistons and in the chambers,  rust can develop.  This means it’s time to do Mike’s Famous Stage 2 Big Bore Mod.

The fun thing is the bike will look stock but it will act like a monkey on steroids!

By coming in for a big bore performance upgrade, this owner will enjoy Mike’s Stage 2 Big Bore kit. He’ll have different cams, a better oil pump, a better cam support plate, new lifters, and ported and polished heads with bigger valves.

Once Mike’s Rolling Thunder finishes, this owner will enjoy about 40% more power.  The Harley Davidson Classic originally was 65 horse, but after the big bore upgrade, it will be 100 horse.  With Mike’s upgrade, it will still sound like a stock motor, but smoother. It now has more throttle response, and with heads ported and polished, the cam and cylinders fill up the combustion chamber fully so you get more power and fuel mileage.
Are you ready for for your Harley Davidson to have a Mike’s Rolling Thunder Big Bore upgrade?  Call Mike now at 906-485-4881.

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