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Ishpeming, MI  – August 16, 2015 – Mike is doing cam and valve adjustment on this 4 stroke Yamaha 450.

Mike said, “It hardly runs right now, and it lacks a lot of power. Having the cam rebuilt with new spacers will make this bike seem new again.”

It’s a Yamaha 450 YZF, known as a 424 off road four stroke and it’s time for a valve adjustment.

Mike said, “It’s a bit tricky, because if you need to adjust it, you need to take the cams out of the engine and measure the old shims, and then go with a new size based upon how far out of spec you are.”

And how do you know if you need this service?

“You know you need service if it doesn’t start very good,” said Mike. “Like it’s always hard starting, and it just doesn’t have as much power as normal, then give me a call.”

The danger of doing it yourself or letting your kids jump into the engine is without full knowledge of cam and valve adjusting, it can result in the cams hitting the pistons if you are out of timing. That’s about $600-$1,200 in damage and Mike has seen this often. Dads just want to save a buck and kids are rarin’ to rip into that project. The bike ends up at Mike’s anyway, and dad spent an extra $1,200!

So let Mike adjust your bike for maximum performance this summer. Call Mike now at 906-485-4881 or just drop it off at Mike’s Rolling Thunder in West Ishpeming, MIchigan.

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