Kawasaki Mule Side By Side Mike's Rolling Thunder Ishpeming 002
Mike doesn’t just fix bikes! Check out his repair of this Kawasaki Mule 610

Ishpeming, MI –  August 13, 2015  –  You know when Kawasaki came out with that song, “Kawasaki Makes the Good Times Roll?” I mean, that old Kawasaki song says it all!

And then somewhere along the way, the Master Technician from Kawasaki had the brainchild to invent a side-by-side 4×4 with positraction, dumpbox, and governor (so kids can’t abuse it)… The Mule 610! Like the strongest pack animal in the West that could easily negotiate the hills of Montana. I mean, the Mule is one awesome workhorse. Now, with that said… you do need to do a little maintenance on them.

Mike discovered a very dirty and plugged air filter which caused the motor to be less than stellar.

Then, the owner’s nephew came to camp to help clean… but management just forgot to tell him not to spray the starter with the power washer. Water inside a precious metal cavity creates rust and havoc! Naturally, Mike discovered this, ordered a new starter, and had it repaired in less than a week.

So if you have a side-by-side or a 4-wheeler that doesn’t start well, doesn’t idle well, clunks when it shifts, or is just basically irritating, drop it off at Mike’s Rolling Thunder in Ishpeming or call 906-485-4881.


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