2002 Harley Road King Classic Tire Mike's Rolling Thunder Ishpeming 001
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Ishpeming, MI  August 12, 2015  –  Here’s where the rubber really meets the road, the tires on your bike. Can you imagine anything worse than having a motorcycle tire fail? One of Mike’s Rolling Thunder’s passions is that red tire machine just off his left arm in the background of this picture. He loves to change tires.

Here Mike is working on a 2002 Harley Road King Classic. You know, people love the classic because it’s a little smaller and easier to control than say an ultra classic.

It’s very nice for running around town, and this bike is still in great shape with 52,000 miles. It’s in for the 5,000 mile service and a new rear tire, which is just plain worn out and unsafe.Mike is an expert at replacing the rubber strip, the tube, and the tire on wire-spoked rims that leak water and get rusty inside. With a spoked rim, water goes right through the holes where the spokes come through and you get rust inside of it. This requires wire wheeling, removing the rust, adding a rubber rim strip, a new tube, and a new tire.

You know, you don’t need to go on the internet to order tires or go to the Harley dealer to order tires because in each case, you’ll spend too much! Mike stocks dozens of Harley tires. Mike even has white wall tires in stock and he sold four white wall tires just last week.

Mike’s Rolling Thunder in Ishpeming offers in stock tires including most all Harley models, usually one of each, rear and front tires for virtually every Harley. This is really nice because you don’t have to wait for Amazon shipping and you don’t have to pay double at the dealer.

Mike has his own in-shop tire machine and computer balancer. Balancing is critical to keep the wear even and you won’t have any vibration. Check out how efficient Mike is at removing this tire and tube from the rim in the video below.

So call Mike for a Harley tire. Or a tire for most any bike, most any tire.  Call 906-485-4881

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