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Keep your bike running great! Bring it into Mike at Mike’s Rolling Thunder in Ishpeming

Ishpeming, MI  –  August 11, 2015  –  Have you ever seen a bike done in Rhino and then really liked it?

Here’s one still going strong after roughly 32,000 miles.

This bike is really good for longer trips with an 80 cubic inch motor that makes for a smoother ride.

But, according to Harley repair expert Mike’s Rolling Thunder, it’s time for some carb work. Mike expects there’s some bad seals in the carb because it’s leaking gas right out of the carb. But it still runs good, like a Harley should. But it’s leaking gas, and that smells up a garage and also ruins your floor. So, a couple of hours of carb work will make this FLH Touring Harley run just like new.

Why do the whole bike in Rhino? Well, first of all, it’s unique. Second of all, the girls love it! And thirdly, the Rhino covering means no maintenance. Just wash it. Plus no rock chips either. It’s kinda cool!

So if you have an older Harley and it’s not quite running right, or if it needs any work, bring it into Mike’s Rolling Thunder. You know, most repair shops won’t work on the older bikes. They either don’t have the patience, the access to older parts, the expertise, or they just don’t have a sentimental heart for what made America great, the Triumphs and the Harleys. You know, the older bikes don’t scare Mike. Bring it in for repair.  Call for an appointment at 906-485-4881 or just drop it off.