Racing Weathered Out This Weekend at Sands Speedway!

Race fans didn’t actually get rained out this past Saturday at the track, more like weathered out; creating conditions that canceled racing at Sands Speedway. Misting precipitation and fog created conditions that caused officials to cancel racing. Any amount of moisture on the race surface with drivers using slick tires on the rear axle would not allow them to maintain the needed traction for racing.Rained-Out

Looking forward to next week’s scheduled racing, some extra late model cars are entered for the 6th so it should be a good day for racing.The point standings in all classes are close that drivers could be shifting places in the top 5 positions this week. There are dashes going on in all classes, heat races, semi finals, finals and featured races -all at Sands Speedway!

Sands Speedway
4 Race Classes

Remember – time trials start at 3 p.m., racing starts at 5! See you this Saturday at Sands Speedway!

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