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Live in Paradise on Shag Lake – Now, Save $200,000 on your Dream Home!

This is a very eye-catching house - with a tall chimney and the roof peaks
This is a very eye-catching house with a tall chimney and sky-high windows.

This house has been sold with the help of Great Lakes Radio. This content is for historical and research purposes only.  Items, details, sale, sponsors, promotions, dates, specials,  and even businesses mentioned herein are not current information and should not be relied upon at this time for any purposes whatsoever. If you have a home you are looking to get help on selling, contact us.

Gwinn, Michigan  –  November 20th, 2015  –  The Upper Peninsula in November is magnificent. With hunting, fishing, beautiful forests, and beaches, it is a nature lover’s paradise. This Shag Lake executive home is located in the wonderful wilderness, yet is still just minutes from downtown Gwinn, and a short drive from Marquette, MI. It’s the perfect vacation home! Now, it’s for sale and move-in ready. Call John McLean at (906) 362-5099 t0 save $200,000 on your dream home! See more photos at www.shaglake.com.

OPEN HOUSE – See the house for yourself! On Saturday, November 28th from 12-4pm, come to 1455 West Shag Lake Road, Gwinn, Michigan 49841 – just South of Up North Lodge. Talk to John McLean and get a full tour of the property.

The winding staircase looks great!
The inside of the house finished with polished wood

After you fly in to Sawyer International Airport, you’re just minutes away from this stunning 4,200 square foot home. With five bedrooms, a large kitchen, and a heated garage, the house has plenty of room for you and your family! Through every room, large windows illuminate the polished wood floor and frame the sunrise over Shag Lake. Your kids will love swimming in the lake, while you can enjoy a hot sauna and reeling in catch after catch from your dock.

It’s a Yooper paradise at Shag Lake, and it could all be yours! Call owner John McLean and you could move in tomorrow, just in time for hunting season. Your checkbook will be thrilled too, because  you can buy this house (appraised at $650,000) for only $400,000! Call John at (906) 362-5099 today to schedule a tour.



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