The Beats Workin’ Band Won the Country Showdown at Mattson Lower Harbor!

Country Showdown competitors at Mattson Lower Harbor in Marquette, MI
Country Showdown 2015 at Mattson Lower Harbor in Marquette, MI - Great Lakes Radio Community Events
We had such a great group of competitors at Food Fest!

Marquette, MI  –  With the 4th of July marking the peak of the Upper Peninsula summer, Great Lakes Radio fired off a little competition. Six competitors from across the Upper Peninsula came to compete at the 34th Annual Country Showdown’s Local Competition at Food Fest in Marquette.

Solo acts like Gregg LaMere, Joey Enright and Michael Beauchamp competed alongside Sugar and Spice (a duo from Ironwood) and the Beats Workin’ Band. The acts played  for our judges: Cindy Engle (the Marquette Music Scene’s Special Event Promoter), Gregg Sandel (a music veteran who has been performing across the U.S. for 40 years), and 103.3 WFXD’s own Lane Dawson (a Cathay Recording star). The music covering the park drew a crowd up to the stage for a better look.

Country Showdown 2015 at Mattson Lower Harbor in Marquette, MI - Great Lakes Radio Community Events
The Beats Workin’ Band is headed to states to compete for $1,000!

After the last act stepped off the stage, Great Lakes Radio had a little surprise in store for the people down at Food Fest. Adam Carpenter – the star of Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show now on 103.3 WFXD – stepped up to show our rising stars how it’s done with a song of his own! Meanwhile, the judges had the hard job of picking out one act to crown as the winner.

All of our acts were fantastic, but the judges decided that the Beats Workin’ Band’s fun country style made them the winner of the 34th annual Country Showdown. They will be competing at the Lac Vieux Desert Resort Casino in Watersmeet, Michigan, on Saturday, September 26 for their state title and $1,000!

Do you think your band has what it takes to make it in Nashville? Get started on the road to fame by entering the next qualifying round of the Country Showdown on August 2nd! Call 228-6800 to enter today!