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Dan Rodamaker of the West Branch Sportsmen’s Club and Captain John From Daybreak Charters on Today’s Outdoor Reports

Tune in to Adam Carpenter's Outdoor Show on 103.3 WFXD!
Tune in to Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show on 103.3 WFXD!

It was another great day here on Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show, and we had another chance to get down with some awesome bluegrass and country music! We also caught up with a couple of very informative guests on the day’s Outdoor Reports.

First up for the day was  of Dan Rodamaker  from the West Branch Sportsmen’s Club in Skandia, MI. They discussed the 28th Annual Turkey Shoot happening tomorrow at 10 AM! This event is open to the public, anyone is welcome. Despite the name, shooters will not actually be aiming at live turkeys. Frozen chickens and turkeys are actually the prizes for winning an event- though winnings are limited!

Events include silhouette pistol shoot, 150 free hand long rifle shoot, bowling pin shoot, milk jug shoot, bow activities, black powder events, cross bow events, poker shoots and more! There is also classic trap shooting at the club.

This event isn’t just about the adults. There are plenty of events set up specifically for the kids! The event is extremely kid friendly with 22 different events that are supervised by trained members of the club.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this event or the West Branch Sportsmen’s Club, you can call President, Bill Zipmen at (906) 361-5999 or Dan himself at (517) 242 2391

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 1 of Adam’s talk with Dan Rodamaker from the West Branch Sportsmen’s Club in Skandia.

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 2 of Adam and Dan’s chat about the 28th Annual Turkey Shoot.

The second guest on the day’s Outdoor Reports was Captain John from Daybreak Charters. Today, John came to us on-air from his boat on Lake Superior! The interview focused on the SSFA’s Marquette Bay Classic going on this weekend. Captian John was on his boat, among about 40 others  on the lake for the women and kids event today. Everyone dropped lines at 8:00 AM this morning and pulled out by 3:00PM. At the end of the event they had a bout 21 fish on ice and a lot of tired women and children!

Tomorrow will be the Big Captain’s Tournament and the marine forecast looks great! John said, “It looks really good. South west winds, just like today.” Tomorrow’s event also has a very interesting aspect to it in that there is a catch as release portion. Fishermen have to catch fish, keep them alive on the boat, and then bring them all the way back shore in order to get credit for the fish. After the fish looks to be in good condition, it is released back into the water to see another day. John is looking forward to a relaxing day off as the Captain himself, fishes in the tournament!

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 1 of Adam’s interview with Daybreak Charter’s Captain John.

CLICK HERE to listen to Part 2 of Adam and Captain John talk about tomorrow’s events and what is working out on the water.

For today’s Big Boy Sports Report, Steve and Adam had a chance to recap what has been going on with the Detroit Tigers, and how the race for the pennant has been shaping-up! They also talked about the rest of the MLB, and a bunch of other great sports topics!

CLICK HERE to listen to the Big Boy Sports Report 

We hope you had a great time tuning-in to today’s Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show! Tune in tomorrow for another great day of hunting, fishing, and sports in the UP and Michigan!

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