Adam Carpenter's Outdoor Show

Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show

Marquette, MIOctober 30, 2020 – On today’s edition of Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show:

John Pepin, the DNR’s Deputy Public Information Officer, joined the show to talk about the gray wolf being de-listed by the Fish and Wildlife Service, or in other words being taken off the Endangered Species List.  It was an in-depth conversation about what the de-listing entails, what had to happen to get to this point, and what happens next.

John Pepin Interview

In the Big Boy Sports Recap, Adam and Steve discussed the news that A.J. Hinch has been hired as the new manager of the Detroit Tigers.  Hinch missed the 2020 season after he was suspended for his role in the 2017 Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal.  Also, Thursday Night Football recap and the rest of their NFL picks.

Listen to the Big Boy Sports Recap here.