Adam Carpenter's Outdoor Show
Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show

Marquette, MIJanuary 26, 2021 – On today’s edition of Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show:

Mick from Mick’s Bait Shop in Curtis joined the show to talk about the ice conditions around the Curtis area, plus some info on the Frostbite Pike Tournament.

Mick Part One

Mick Part Two

Joe Hanson from the South Shore Fishing Association was in-studio to share some information on the upcoming Teal Lake Fishing Derby and relate an interesting story of his recent fishing excursion to Little Bay de Noc.

Joe Hanson Part One

Joe Hanson Part Two

Adam and Steve had plenty to talk about in the Big Boy Sports Recap, from the Packers and Aaron Rodgers going back and forth over his future with the team to the MLB to Michigan basketball.

Listen to the Big Boy Sports Recap here.

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