Adam Carpenter's Outdoor Show

Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show

Marquette, MIOctober 22, 2019 – Adam was raring to go for Tuesday’s edition of The Outdoor Show.  As with every show, Adam had two great guests, and they were both eager to share the reports that they had been hearing on everything from steelhead fishing to bear checks.

Adam was first joined by Cole from Superior Outfitters, who had plenty of information on local fishing.  Cole gave everybody the scoop on the best lures to use for coho salmon, brown trout, and steelhead in the rivers and rivermouths in the area, as well as pike and musky.  Cole also shared what he has heard so far in terms of bird hunting in the U.P.

Cole from Superior Outfitters Part One

Cole from Superior Outfitters Part Two

Brian Roell from the DNR was Adam’s second guest, and he had gathered some new information in the week or so since he was last on the show.  Bear checks seemed to be picking up, he said, and reports from deer hunters looked promising.  Brian touched on grouse and woodcock reports, and gave a quick assessment on the state of waterfowl this fall.

Brian Roell from the DNR Part One

Brian Roell from the DNR Part Two

Again, Steve was lounging in the Bahamas rather than doing the Big Boy Sports Recap, so Mark Evans was tapped to fill his seat on Tuesday.  Adam and Mark talked about the blowout that was Monday Night Football, and previewed the World Series ahead of the first game tonight.

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