Adam Carpenter's Outdoor Show

Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show

Marquette, MIOctober 24, 2019 – Adam Carpenter was ready to go on Thursday for another day of The Outdoor Show, and even though it was a bit dreary outside, Adam and his guests had a great time talking about the outdoor life in the U.P.

Jason, who owns Woodland Firearms, was the first guest on The Outdoor Show.  Jason talked about how bear checks and fishing have both slowed down, although it seems like fishermen and deer hunters are having a bit more success.

Jason from Woodland Firearms Part One

Jason from Woodland Firearms Part Two

Adam’s second guest was Bear, the guide/owner of Nine Pines Resort in Marinesco.  Bear talked about how bear are starting to be a little more nocturnal than they have been in past years, and how the season of bear hunting has gone for him.  He also touched on bird hunting, fishing, and how the rut is going for the deer herd.

Bear from Nine Pines Resort Part One

Bear from Nine Pines Resort Part Two

For the Big Boy Sports Recap, Steve and Adam remarked at how surprised they both were at the Nationals’ two-game lead in the World Series.  There was a bit more MLB talk, along with Thursday Night Football predictions and NHL news.

Listen to the Big Boy Sports Recap here.