Lauren Ludwig with the bear she shot

Lauren Ludwig with the bear she shot

Marquette, MINovember 1, 2019 – The final Outdoor Show of the week has now come and gone, but you can still experience all the best parts of the show right here.  Adam’s guests this week were awesome, as usual, and the last Big Boy Sports Recap of the week was quite entertaining.

Brian Roell, a wildlife biologist from the Marquette DNR office, joined Adam early in the show.  Brian had some very encouraging reports from deer hunters to pass along, as well as grouse reports and a few cougar sightings this fall.

Brian Roell from the DNR Part One

Brian Roell from the DNR Part Two

Adam’s second guest was Lauren Ludwig, the first female hound hunter that Adam has ever had on his show.  Lauren recently bagged a bear, which itself is quite an accomplishment, but she did so while pregnant!  Hear her tell her story below.

Lauren Ludwig Part One

Lauren Ludwig Part Two

In the Big Boy Sports Recap, Adam and Steve first talked about the Thursday Night Football matchup before making the rest of their NFL picks for the week.  They also talked about the Red Wings and expressed their surprise at the 2020 World Series odds.

Listen to the Big Boy Sports Recap here.