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Jason Chaudier and Kathy Pearce on The Outdoor Show

Jason Chaudier from Woodland Firearms
Jason Chaudier from Woodland Firearms

Marquette, MINovember 22, 2019 – Let that steam whistle blow, it’s the end of the work week!  There were plenty of happy hunters around the U.P. on Friday, with the week behind them and a great weekend of hunting ahead.  Adam Carpenter had another deer hunting focused edition of The Outdoor Show on tap, and it didn’t disappoint.

Adam first talked to Jason Chaudier from Woodland Firearms.  Jason talked about deer checks so far, the average age of the bucks being brought in, and some of the bigger deer he’s seen this season.

Jason Chaudier Part One

Jason Chaudier Part Two

Kathy Pearce was the second guest on the show.  Kathy bagged her second solo buck this season, and she told her story on Friday afternoon.  Adam always loves hearing buck stories, and this one was pretty great.

Kathy Pearce Part One

Kathy Pearce Part Two

The Big Boy Sports Recap began with Adam and Steve going over the Thursday Night Football matchup.  They then made the rest of their NFL picks, lamented the Red Wings’ struggles, and looked ahead to the week’s NCAA football games.

Listen to the Big Boy Sports Recap here.


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