Adam Carpenter's Outdoor Show

Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show

Marquette, MINovember 26, 2019 – Tuesday was the calm before the storm (snowstorm, that is) in the U.P., and that means lots of hunters were getting their final day in before Thanksgiving.  Adam Carpenter had some great guests on The Outdoor Show, and as has been the case for the last week or so, it was a deer hunting-focused show.

Brian Roell of the DNR was Adam’s first guest on the show.  Brian talked about the deer check numbers so far, the average age of the bucks that have been brought in, and a new lab in Lansing testing for chronic wasting disease.

Brian Roell Part One

Brian Roell Part Two

The second guest on the show was Violette Boyle, originally from Ireland, who shot her first buck this season.  Violette tells her story, and outlines the differences between hunting in the Emerald Isle and the U.S.

Violette Boyle Part One

Violette Boyle Part Two

Adam and Steve were thoroughly impressed with the performance of Lamar Jackson in the Monday Night Football game, and that was the lead on the Big Boy Sports Recap.  The guys also talked a bit about the Red Wings, NCAA football, and Michigan State’s upset loss the previous night.

Listen to the Big Boy Sports Recap here.