Adam Carpenter's Outdoor Show
Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show

Marquette, MIDecember 20, 2019 – Adam Carpenter was happy to get you into the weekend with another awesome edition of the Outdoor Show on Friday afternoon.

Adam’s first guest on the show was Ashley from Indian Country Sports.  Ashley had some great info on the fishing situation on Keweenaw Bay, Huron Bay, and some of the inland lakes as well.

Ashley from Indian Country Sports Part One

Ashley from Indian Country Sports Part Two

Nick from Superior Outfitters was the second person to join the show on Friday.  Nick talked about ice fishing conditions around the U.P., and about winter steelhead fishing on certain rivers in the area.

Nick from Superior Outfitters Part One

Nick from Superior Outfitters Part Two

Adam and Steve were ready to go for the Big Boy Sports Recap.  Adam had a few thoughts on the NCAA and whether or not they truly help college athletes, and the guys made their NFL picks for the weekend.

Listen to the Big Boy Sports Recap here.

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