Adam Carpenter's Outdoor Show

Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show

Marquette, MIDecember 23, 2019 – For the last Outdoor Show before Christmas, Adam Carpenter had two great guests.  Paired with another awesome Big Boy Sports Recap, it made for the perfect send-off into the holidays.

Adam’s first guest was Luke Hubbard of the South Shore Fishing Association.  Luke talked about exactly what the SSFA is, some of the events that they have coming up, and their equipment swap and social.

Luke Hubbard Part One

Luke Hubbard Part Two

Brian Roell of the DNR was the second guest on the show on Monday.  Brian discussed the trapping season, the effect of the winter on the deer herd and grouse, and talked about encephalitis in grouse.

Brian Roell Part One

Brian Roell Part Two

Adam and Steve began the Big Boy Sports Recap by discussing the Cincinnati Bengals-Miami Dolphins game over the weekend, and the surprise excitement that came with it.  They made their picks for Monday Night Football, talked about NCAA basketball, and briefly mentioned the dismal Detroit Red Wings.

Listen to the Big Boy Sports Recap here.