Nick from Superior Outfitters

Nick from Superior Outfitters

Marquette, MIMarch 3, 2020 – Adam Carpenter brought listeners another great Outdoor Show on Tuesday afternoon.  Two guests joined the show to talk about the U.P.’s favorite winter outdoor pastime, ice fishing.

Adam’s first guest was Nick from Superior Outfitters.  Nick talked about Munising Bay ice fishing reports, plus steelhead fishing and some of the gear available in the shop.

Nick from Superior Outfitters Part One

Nick from Superior Outfitters Part Two

Scott from Woodland Firearms was the second guest on the show on Tuesday.  Scott gave ice fishing reports on Keweenaw Bay and Portage Lake and went over the results from the Chassell VFW ice fishing tournament.

Scott from Woodland Firearms Part One

Scott from Woodland Firearms Part Two

Adam and Steve had plenty of NFL talk in store for the Big Boy Sports Recap, but they led with some discussion of the Detroit Red Wings’ struggles.  The guys then moved on to NCAA basketball and MLB Spring Training before getting to Tom Brady free agency speculation.

Listen to the Big Boy Sports Recap here.