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OK – Let’s Find Out Who Dennis is!!!


Hey Country Music fans!!! I’m hoping this is going to be the start of something BIG – between YOU and ME!!!

First off – I’m NOT your conventional type of guy! I grew up in southeastern Ohio,  a town named Marietta. First organized settlement of the Northwest Territory. Not known for having any kind of winter, especially the type that Yoopers are used to in the Upper Peninsula. So during my high school years, NBC Network starts broadcasting this game called hockey and the broadcasts make it to Marietta!!! What a great game!!! I remember my Dad was going to take me to Madison Square Gardens in ’64 to see the Rangers play the Maple Leafs but the game sold out while we were standing in line for tickets; so I didn’t get to actually watch a game until, oh, 1972-73. That year I watched the Philadelphia Flyers four times on the Sunday afternoon games and fell in love with the game of hockey and the Flyers!!! I then subscribed to The Hockey News until graduating from high school in ’77. Our local postman was probably wondering, “What is this kid reading???” I also made it a routine to make a bee line to the Sports Section at the area Mall’s bookstore to see if there were ANY paperback books on hockey!

Courtesy of The Hockey News, they published in-depth articles of all team in the NHL and I discovered the radio station frequency to Philadelphia’s hockey coverage – WCAU1210. From then on, I spent a considerable  amount of time camped in the kitchen by the radio whenever there were scheduled games for the Flyers.

Years later when my wife Debbie and I got married and I was living in Michigan; my wife repeatedly presented the argument that, “if you live in Michigan, you should support Michigan teams!!!” Ha!!! You’ve got to be kidding me!!!! Me & Philly go way back – – there’s no way I’m changing horses now!!! She has long since given up on trying to convince me, so our household is a peaceful one, even during Playoff times.

Hockey Celebration in Houghton Michigan
Me with Lord Stanley's Cup

In 2004, there was a celebration of hockey in Houghton, Michigan featuring an Alumni All-Star game between the Red Wings and the Michigan Tech Huskies. At the Dee Arena, there was numerous hockey equipment memorabilia on display in addition to the traveling Stanley Cup!!! What a sweet moment, to say the least!!! Thanks for reading and listening!!!


Later, we’ll talk about my love for PIZZA!!!


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