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Hopefully Christmas Celebrations were Festive This Year


Marquette12/26/11– I hope all my listeners enjoyed a wonderful Christmas holiday. Many skiers and snowboarders might not be very happy with our current winter scenario but I for one am grateful that driving conditions were as they were so travelers could have ideal conditions for driving over the holiday. My wife works with Bell Hospital and was scheduled to work for the weekend but I’m grateful…there has to be someone standing watch to treat accidents and staff at Bell are conscientious, so Thanks for being there. We will make up for the weekend by going out somewhere special.

Best Wishes in the New YEar
Hope You had a Great Christmas!

Talked with my Mom, who lived in southeastern Ohio and wished her Merry Christmas. She is doing well for reaching 75 this year. All is well with the Harold Clan so I’m grateful for good news like that as we finish up 2011.


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