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Enjoy Your New Year Celebration Responsibily


Marquette12/30/11– When I was growing up in my youth, I couldn’t wait for opportunities to cut loose and celebrate to the max!!! I would gather with my friends and we would see just how must celebrating we could do in our allotted time span. I remember in the heat of the moment, we each thought without ever verbally stating the obvious, we were indestructible and nothing would interrupt our pursuit of the utmost celebrating.

Celebrating Responsibly
Enjoy Your New Year!!!!

Fortunately, during the course of these many occasions of pushing my limits, I have been spared the inconvenient or rather the unexpected event of an incident of any kind. So what my experience has taught me before reaching a form of maturity was that I have been gambling with my life’s circumstances and those of others. I never gave my own circumstance much thought let alone those of my closest friends.

What this boils down to is – the high points of life can be celebrated with some manner of responsible restraint. Life always possesses consequences to our actions taken at any given moment.

May all of my listeners enjoy an wonderful New Year’s Celebration  – and be responsible in your judgment perimeters.  I want to broadcast your favorite country music for your enjoyment in 2012 for Your enjoyment!!





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