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I’ve Learned To Trust My Wife on Her Movie Picks!!!


Marquette01/03/12 – I really enjoy watching movies with my wife, even the occasional “chick flick” because there’s always that element of give and take in every relationship that can become rewarding. Last night, we rented the movie, The Help, and watched it together. To my surprise, I was glad I listened to her when she brought this title up as a suggested pick.
I have long since given up on listening to movie critics when they come out with THEIR analyzed, picked apart opinion of that has been released from Hollywood . This is my opinion of how I viewed the overall presentation of The Help.

First of all, I’ve always held a special place for theme movies that touch on racism, A Time To Kill, Mississippi Burning, etc.  I find that this theme can find a very compassionate spot in my heart for black people and ALL people that have fallen victim to prejudicial treatment in life. This movie deals with one such woman who has grown up within the racial prejudices of the South and uses her skills and her personal compassion to shed light on the lives of those she is personally connected.

What I mainly liked about the story was how Skeeter (Emma Stone) used her potential career passion of writing to share the plight of the black maids that worked in her town to share with the public, outside of Jackson, Mississippi; she has the bigger picture that those living outside Mississippi would never think the Southern traditions actually exist in modern America. What I found compelling for me in this story, was how one particular maid, Aibileen (Viola Davis) would continually express parental love to the white baby girl she raised with compassionate nurturing through her reinforced statements of  ” You are kind, you are smart, you are important!”

If you haven’t watched this movie,  I

My Movie Review of The Help
Viola Davis of The Help

would highly recommend you give it your consideration. I like movies that show characters standing up to moral conflict despite physical or emotional adversity. The female characters in this movie go through many moments of conflict, some scenes invoked emotions that dreaded the possibilities of physical confrontations resulting from the ladies’ determined stands against racism. If you are intrigued with this subject, you will find The Help a good watch.


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