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My Beloved Game Used For A Cash Cow


Marquette01/03/12 – Like I have shared in my past article about myself and hockey, I used to listen to games for hours in the kitchen straining to hear as the AM frequency fades in and out between Philadelphia and Marietta, Ohio. Watching the game up close and then being able to get a taste of playing for a short amount of time has convinced me that the sport of hockey is bar none – the BEST TEAM Sport on the PLANET!!!!

Compared to the other major team sports of basketball, baseball, football; as MY REVIEW of the Winter Classic, hockey plays faster; requires quicker player reflexes and response to action, player contact is physically more demanding during the game and you get more action out of the sport for the time a spectator spends to watch the event.

The 2012 Winter Classic was recently played in Philadelphia, Pa. between the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers. Drawing a crowd of under 47,000 spectators in Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Philles, I couldn’t help but think, “What are they doing to my game?”

Flyers & Rangers Winter Classic
Has NHL Commish Turned Hockey into Cash Cow?

I’ve talked to several friends and acquaintances throughout the years about the game of hockey; asking then if they have ever considered viewing the sport. About 90% of their response is that they can’t follow the puck and they don’t understand the game.

How can new fans be attracted to a game that requires and deserves intimacy with its fans? I remember my second game at the old Civic Arena in Pittsburgh in ’76. My seats were in the upper deck sections to where you couldn’t see the score board without the help of specially installed monitors. I had a good view of the overall ice playing surface but I still felt somewhat detached from the action. Not like my first game with my seats second row from the glass. This view is excessively worse!!!

Winter Classic Bleacher VIew
Where the heck is the puck???

According to Bleacher Report, outdoor NHL games are great revenue draws for the cities that can host these outdoor events. Is this type of event really doing any good to increase fan base for the sport itself? MY REVIEW of this event, it’s overblown sports commercialism. How can you say that the Jumbo Tron is helping me follow the game from this seat?

Winter Classic
I Can't See From There!!!

I’ll take my cozy 14,000 seat arena game any day over this Big Dollar spectacle  any day, thank you.  Anyone interested in appreciating the finer points of this great game is welcomed over at my house to watch hockey anytime!!!



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