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Amusing Similarities In Outdoor Hockey


Marquette01/06/12 – I think I missed my calling in life as a film continuity expert. Over the years of viewing movies, I started developing this detailed eye for spotting errors in movie  final production and scenes that don’t appear plausible. As a Certified Handgun Instructor, I’ve noticed many overlooked “that’s not possible with a pistol” usage among other missed elements of details with cars, actor’s cues, etc. However, my final review relates to a observed similarity between the 2012 Winter Classic and a hockey movie.

While watching this year’s Winter Classic (and NO, I did not see my high school classmate Debbie and her friend Char in the stands with their sign for the TV camera !) I started laughing when I observed similarities between the Winter Classic and the 1999 film, Mystery, Alaska.

If you are a hockey fan, I would think that you would have viewed this film already so I guess these comments will be better understood by those that have; if you haven’t – then that you’re weekend assignment, rent this movie.

The small town of Mystery holds their weekly ritual of the “Saturday Game” where  the talented citizens that can play hockey engage in  an outdoor game to satisfy the sport’s passion of the remainder of its’ townspeople. Circumstances eventually materializes that the Mystery team challenges the New York Rangers of the NHL for the town’s own bragging rights on their local talent. As part of their televised coverage, Mystery goes to extra lengths to construct a better outdoor rink specifically for the game. Ha, I haven’t got to my funny part yet!

Every hockey game features the singing of our National Anthem; consequently  the same goes with Mystery’s challenge game against the Rangers. In the movie, the town gets Little Richard to sing their game’s National Anthem; for the Winter Classic, the Flyers get Patti LaBelle to sing. So here we have two accomplished black singers performing outside in the cold and they are both dressed up in heavy full-length coats to keep themselves warm. I hope Patti didn’t find the cold weather uncomfortable to perform in as Little Richard did in that particular scene  in the movie.

Winter Classic and the Saturday Game
Patti and Little Richard

I must say, Patti looks extremely attractive in that Flyers’ scarf, Little Richard didn’t even wear anything with Mystery team colors. Can’t blame him, Mystery wore brown and black, not very conducive to his flamboyant personality!!

Don’t know if anything can top this comparison next year, unless I spot Debbie and Char on national TV with their hockey sign !!




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