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New Drum Accessories Serve Dual Purpose


Marquette01/09/12 – Between Christmas and New Year, I received an order I placed for a drum kit pack for my drum set that I have been waiting to purchase for some time.

I’ve gotten back into playing drums in ’08 and since then I have had several opportunities where I’ve been asked to play congas for friends of mine. If I haven’t been using pencils, my hands, forks or whatever else I can get my hands on to tap out the rhythm of music I was listening to, I have been bold enough to ask other musicians if I could play their own equipment.

So when I saw this drum pack consisting of a tambourine, cow bell and jam block (a plastic rectangular “block” that sounds similar to a wood temple block) I got the idea that this would be a worthwhile purchase in equipment. My thinking was that if I was ever asked in the future to play congas for a gig, I could incorporate this drum pack along with maracas and a cymbal from my drum set and I would have a good start towards what a percussionist would need to add fill in rhythm sounds.  SWEET..I’m all for expansion of good gear!

Lp Drum Kit Pack
My Latest Drum Accessories

As I started working out the best way to position the gear on the drum set, I began to experiment with some rhythms I could remember from some past music I listened to. Mmmm, this is an OK start but I need a better foundation to work from.

I remember looking at Latin Percussion’s website sometime ago and viewed and basic conga lesson that helped me get started on what I needed to know about the conga. Sure enough, I found this video by David Garibaldi of the Tower of Power that was what I needed to get me started. I’ve listened to David’s music over the years and have really enjoyed what he’s accomplished as a drummer. I’m gonna have some NEW FUN!!!

Here is the link to Lp Lesson video with David Garibaldi.

Here is a link to one of my favorite tunes by the Tower of Power


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