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Wings’ Goalie Standing Strong For His Team


Marquette01/17/12– The backbone of every good band is a good drummer, the foundation of any good hockey team lies with its goalie. I’ve played hockey before as a goalie and I’m currently back behind the drums as a drummer, so I know what is required from both positions. If the drummer can’t keep solid timing for the band, a train wreck in musically cohesion will ensue. If a hockey team doesn’t have a dependable goalie, the team can rely upon to make that unexpected save, it will be an early and long summer!

Goalies are the Backbone of the Team
Shutout for Howard as Home Streak Continues

Last night, Detroit set a franchise record by logging 15 consecutive win at the Joe Louis Arena. Not only did  Detroit get the win, but Howard gained a 5- 0 shutout against the Buffalo Sabres. I’m always cheering (actually more like SCREAMING)  in favor of  the goalie to record a shutout, they’re not easy to come by.

To view highlights of last night’s win against Buffalo, see video below:

Howard & Wings Shutout Sabres For Club Record

I’ve been watching Jimmy Howard this season and despite the Wings’ slow start, Howard continues to develop his stand-up style of position play that allows him to control rebounds, stay in position for successive following plays and shots and let shooters’ make their first move. I’ve noticed many of the NHL goalies these days play their position where they are down low, making the first move before the shot is taken

Unlike my beloved Flyers, who haven’t (for the love of Stanley) made a trade for a decent goalie in,  I don’t know how long and if I did look, I would be too disappointed in my discovery.

Good job, Jimmy and best of luck the remainder of this season!!!!


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