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I Couldn’t Last 3 Minutes into President’s Address


Political Rhetoric from the two party system in our government has gotten so-o-o-o-o-o-o tiring to listen to especially when the same sound bite statements are repeated. I was expecting something different to come out from President Obama during his State of the Union address. Maybe tell us something encouraging that we have not heard before. Something, anything that didn’t give me the impression the President is still trying to drag the country down his road of politics as usual.  The pre-speech commentators speculated that the President would be making his pitch toward his re-election.

What the President did lead off with was his pitch that he has been stumping frequently last year; that being his views on “economic fairness” or better known among the political persuasion of socialists as the re-distribution of wealth. Revisiting the personal ideology professed by individuals supporting this belief, World Net Daily senior columnist and WABC talk show host, Aaron Klein shared in his January 25th column;

“Lester C. Thurow, a founder of the progressive Economic Policy Institute, explained in his 2003 book “Fortune Favors the Bold: What We Must Do to Build a New and Lasting Global Prosperity” that Marx related the ideals of economic fairness while explaining how capitalism must end.”

“Wrote Thurow: “In addition to outlining the process whereby the system of capitalism would end, Marx went on to recommend a new system, communism, which would, he believed, eliminate the evils of capitalism.”

“He never said much about the transformation of capitalism into communism, but in his vision of communism (outlined in an article entitled “Utopia”) it would create a new society where economic fairness and personal freedom reigned.”

“Using the theme of economic fairness, Thurow went on to quote Marx’s own mantra, “To everyone in accordance with their needs. From everyone in accordance with their abilities.”

WAIT!!!!! The foundational economic principle that our country was developed upon is capitalism. I realize that there have been individuals holding to these philosophies against capitalism, but within the Obama Administration, this premise has been expressed openly and frequently to the public.

The President took an oath to uphold the Constitution, part of that framework is rooted in an economic system where a person or business have the freedom to keep what they earn. The political concepts of MArx and others professing the re-distribution of wealth is NOT reflected within our Constitutional framework and should be abandoned!!!

Don't Promote Economic Fairness

Aaron Klein’s article concerning the State of the Union address can be read HERE



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