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Federal Government’s Involvement Will Raise Costs, Cut Jobs


Marquette02/08/12 – I wholeheartedly agree with The Judge!!!! Judge Napolitano, that is. He is re-affirming what was being said to the general public two decades ago, that it’s time to reign in the bureaucracy of the Federal Government. Any and all areas to which our federal government is overseeing that the Constitution doesn’t explicitly give them authority to be involved in needs to be shut down and done away with.

The Obama Administration and the EPA are imposing new regulations that will have a direct impact on the operational cost with which 6 coal-fired power plants in three states could be shutting down.The EPA, still listening, in part, to unsubstantiated data making claims about global warming, are pressuring the power industry to comply with reversed changes to the Bush Administration changes to policy rulings.

Read following article from The Daily Caller

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is working to continually to reduce emissions and produce clean, affordable electricity. The EPA and other environmental groups supporting this regulatory reversal are making claims that they are concerned about cross-state pollution and associated issues.

These issues should be dealt with between the states that are involved and they are perfectly capable of resolving these issues themselves. Federal Government – STAY OUT!!!!



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