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Blake Shelton Wrote a Song About Me…How Touching!


Marquette02/10/12 – Driving to the station early this morning, I tuned into my Country Man in the Morning, Eric Scott and he played a song that got my day going. Next thing I know, Eric has Blake Shelton’s duet with Trace Atkins playing, Hillbilly Bone. As I’m listening to the song, I realize what Blake is saying in the first verse;

Yea, I got a friend from New York City, He’s never heard of Conway Twitty,

Don’t know nothing bout grits and greens, never been south of Queens,…

Dude, that’s me!!!! I was born in Jamaica; a suburb of Queens, right on 90th Avenue!!!!! So, yeah, I never heard of Conway Twitty, let alone grits OR greens! WOW, I can’t believe it!!!

In 1969, our family moved to Marietta,  Ohio. I would have never even thought  there was even a sliver of a chance I would ever listen to country!!

Well, time and being involved with a country band have a way of changing sentiments… and now, I heard a song that I not only like but appears to be referencing ME!!! Well, I might be stretching my literary license a bit… (did I even apply for a license???)

Hillbilly Bone video



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