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All is Fair in Love, War…and Hockey!!!


Marquette02/13/12 – I’ve got to hand it to the Wings; Coach Mike Babcock has his team gelling at just the right time of the season and it’s showing. Back in November when the Wings lost their last home game to Calgary, it appeared to Wings fans that it was going to be a long season. The Wing Machine wasn’t running smooth. BUT NOW…it’s a different story! Watching last night’s game, I was hoping that the Flyers would have some surge of scoring power to preserve their record shared with the Bruins. No chance!!!

The Joe has enough of its own history as the do the Flyers. So, I’ll be looking forward to Tuesday’s game against the Dallas Stars and the Wings chance to set a new record. Dallas is currently 4th in the Pacific, winning 50% on the road and are 4-5-1 in their last 10 games. The odds are in Detroit’s favor but then again…anything can happen between now and Tuesday in the Dallas locker room to change things up!! Remember what I stated before about slumping teams being a spoiler at the wrong time???

Winning Goal
Franzen's Game Winner






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