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This Big Kid is Enjoying Hollywood’s Comic Book Movies


Marquette02/24/12 – Growing up as a kid in New York (well, until I was 10 at least), I loved going to the barber shop because they had the BIGGEST stack of Marvel and DC comic books I ever saw!!!

When my Dad would take my younger brother and me to the barber shop, I would wish for the place to be busy so I could sit waiting for my turn in the chair and read comics. With all the modern movie filming techniques, producing a movie based on comic book heroes is turning out to be a real treat for me! Fantastic 4, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Spider-man, Daredevil!

If Hollywood tried making these movies in the ’80’s or ’90’s they wouldn’t half a good as they are right now. Movie special effects have developed substantially that draw you to want to see them on the big screen! So now I see on May 4th, a new comic book movie will be released  – The Avengers!!! Looks like I’ll be hitting the cinema when this one is released. Here’s

the trailer – – – – – – >



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