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FB Connected Me with My High School Classmate


Marquette03/05/12 – There are loads of apps and other “stuff” on FaceBook that can use up alot of one’s time during the course of the day, but then FaceBook can also be extremely useful.

Last Friday, I had posted for one of our radio station’s FaceBook pages and I left the window connected as I continued to work on other tasks. As I glanced at my computer screen, I noticed my FB tab flashing a message: “John is typing”. What could this be all about??? I switched to the FB tab and noticed that a friend of mine was on his FB page and sent me a chat message.

“Hey there. I am finally back out on the road, with Nellie McKay and trying to get caught up with FB. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts…” and John passed on his phone number. WOW!! What timing – I am definitely calling you!!!

So I gave John a call this weekend and he really sounded great, although our call was shorter than I intended. He was getting ready to check out of his hotel room after gigging with Nellie McKay this weekend.

A student of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, here is a link to John’s website.

John was recently working  in Zippah Recording Studios of Boston,Mass. … Play it, Brotha!!!!

Working in Zippah Studios of Boston


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