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Drummers & Comedians – Part 2


Marquette03/07/12 – Yesterday, comedian Bill Cosby shared in a video clip from the Dick Cavett Show, how he  THOUGHT he could play jazz with his blue tipped drumsticks. Today, we will laugh along with another aspect of drumming.

With any musical instrument one learns to play, the first aspect to master is learning to read music. This is no different with drums. Later, drummers abbreviate reading drum charts instead of sheet music. I’ve also heard drummers say, “If you can say it, you can play it!!”

Today’s clip is an example of a drummer who not only can read music but will demonstrate my mentioned slogan. Bernard Purdie, “the World’s Most Recorded Drummer”,  has been playing drums since 1960. I have always found that black people have their own particular way of expressing themselves, and Bernard is no different.  In this clip, he is talking about incorporating ghost notes to create a shuffle beat which he used in recording, Home At Last for the band,Steely Dan.

So….even though Bernard is not a comedian, I think you’ ll find this funny….


To read more about Bernard Purdie, see his page from DrummerWorld.

“Pretty” Purdie’s web page is HERE


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