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Act of Valor Was an Outstanding Film!!!


Marquette03/26/12 – I went to the theater yesterday to see, Act  of Valor on the big screen – WOW! The filming was amazing, first person point of view story line during the battle scenes were extremely suspenseful and action filled.

The production captured the fast – pace assaults of Seal Team 7 as they progressed from mission to mission with the assistance of an extraction team armed with mini guns that reigned down a BIG world of hurts on these bad guys – the lead was pouring in on them!!!

The plot developed into an unnerving climax that was too close to reality. It one point in the plot, I was thinking that our politicians needs to stop playing their petty career games and start serving the  country for the good of the people because our servicemen and women are putting their lives on the line to protect our country.

The letter that is written by Lt. Rorke to his son was extremely appropriate in trying to share a part of himself  when he wouldn’t be present when his son’s life.

I think Keith Urban’s song for this movie, For You, is fantastic !!




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