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ACM Award Picks – Time for Some Fun With My Colleague


Marquette03/27/12 – Academy of Country Music will be presenting  awards to country artists and groups this Sunday from Las Vegas. There have been some fantastic music coming out in the country genre for several years now and I  am amazed with the quality and style change  the music that is being written and produced lately.

I see from my colleague, Dawn’s post today,  that she has made her predictions for the 47th Annual ACM Awards. Well, I can’t let Dawn have all the fun so –  I guess I’ll have to post my own choices in the Nomination Categories.

Since I am an avid fan of Food Network’s “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” AND I think I have good taste in recognizing hit songs when they are released, I guess I’ll have to present a Throwdown Challenge to Dawn – I’ll bet I will pick MORE AWARD WINNERS than she did!!!

Tomorrow, I’ll post my list of winners and present what I will offer to her (IF it should be her)!!! DO you have any suggestions as to what I should offer, e-mail me : dennis@wfxd.com!!!! A plaque stating, Prediction Winner of ACM Music Awards!!!


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