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My Drummer’s Wish List For Cover Songs


Marquette03/29/12 – I have always listened to music with a spontaneous ear, knowing when I’ve heard a song, whether I like it or not. Over the years, this hasn’t changed no matter what genre of music it is.

Now that I am involved with WFXD, I have become a country music listener and I am really liking what today’s country music sounds like. To me, today’s country music tends to have a rock-oriented edge to it, which I really like as a drummer.

Lately, I have been thinking as I listen to our station’s play list, “Man, that’s a song I would love to play if I was in a band. Over the course of several weeks, I have been gravitating to several songs that I have become fond of.


Here is my Wish List of my selection of songs for my cover country band:


Keith Urban – Sweet Thing

Trace Atkins – Ladies Love Country Boys

Chris Cagle – Got My Country On

Terri Clark – Girls Lie Too

Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats

Ronnie Dunn – Let The Cowboy Rock

Jason Aldean – Tattoos On This Town

Aaron Tippin – Kiss This

Blake Shelton – Hillbilly Bone

JT Hodges – Goodbyes Made You Mine

Tim McGraw – Suspicions

Keith Urban – For You


Any musicians out there interested in working these out????



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