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Nashville’s Shannon Forrest – Country Music’s New Bernard Purdie


Marquette04/05/12 – After Monday’s blog on last weekend’s Academy of Country Music Awards, I had to do more research on Shannon Forrest, ACM’s Drummer of the Year Award recipient. Getting recognized with an award such as this must indicate that Forrest has made a contribution to the music industry in a significant and talented way.

Photo Courtesy of Gon Bops Percussion
Nashville's Shannon Forrest


I had no idea until I did a search just how much Shannon has contributed to Nashville’s music scene. Take a look at this listing of music artists that Forrest has recorded for.

Doing a quick count of Shannon’s discography from Artist Direct, Forrest has been a sought after drummer by many big name country music artists. In 2011, Shannon appeared on 21 recording projects, 2010 – 26 and 2009 – 30!!! WOW!!!! From what I could  find from All Music’s site, Shannon started recording in 1988 and has tracked quite the recording work load in Nashville; that is why I would compare Forrest to Groovemaster, Bernard Purdie. Drummer World refers to Purdie as “The World Most Recorded Drummer” ; check out their article to see what I mean. Bernhard Castiglioni should consider adding Shannon to his website of talented drummers.


Should Forrest continue on the work schedule that he has been involved with so far in his career, he could very well become Nashville’s Most Recorded Drummer!!! Here’s a clip of Forrest participating in Modern Drummer Festival 2010…what a groove!!!

Shannon groovin’ on Brett Eldredge’s cover of “Takin’ It To the Streets”…

What an amazing talent and career Shannon Forrest has developed for himself. I’m looking forward to following your work throughout 2012…Best Wishes, Shannon!!!!




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