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WFXD is Close to the Pulse of Keith Urban’s Music Camp


Marquette04/11/12 – I’ve got to give a big “THANKS” to Eric Scott, our station’s Program Director,  for checking out my suggestion for adding Keith Urban’s, “For You”,  to our station’s air play. After viewing the movie, Act of Valor several weeks ago, I forwarded my blog info to Eric to check into this song and determine if it merited any chance of broadcast activity.

Eric really liked Urban’s song and after some discussion and several more days of in-studio playing of the song, Eric informed me that he was going to add the song to our air play starting yesterday. courtesy of Keith Urban's website

Searching around on several music websites for tidbits to talk about on my midday show today, I read from Keith Urban’s own site, Urban is not only releasing, “For You” as a new single but also announcing artist and publishing royalty’s from the single will be donated to the Navy Seal’s Foundation.

Keith Urban performing “For You” during ACM Awards Night…


Good Job, Eric!!!




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